Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is very a soft and an efficient treatment which aims to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the body.

We have 12 Cranio nerves which is the “hard disk” of the body. The cranio nerves controls the whole body. The autonom nerves controls the heartbeat, digestion, breathing etc. The cranial nerves also controls the sensory system which is the skin and at least our muscles. The nerves can be pinched from a car accident, trough birth either to fast or to slow or if you have fallen on the ground or hid the head into a kitchen cabinet etc. imbalances can come up as a problem later on in your life.

With gentle touch I remove imbalances and blockage in the cranium which correct the imbalances from stroke, shock, whiplash or the birth. CST is beneficial with colic, restrictions in the movement of the head, new born, migraine, headache, whiplash, stress, sleepless, memory problems, back pain, ADHD, dizzy, pelvic instability, jaw tension, lack of energy and depression

After just one CST treatment you will feel different in your body, your problem can not be solved in one treatment but you and I will know if it will be the right treatment for you.

The soft pressure makes CST very efficient for treatments of children. New born can easily receive treatments which will help the little human being from the start of their lives. 

Another way of explain CST, if other kind of treatments havn’t worked for you, CST will likely be a good help for you.

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